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Hair Kits (T-zone touch up)

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Hair Kits (T-zone touch up) - Without is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Custom partial root touch-up kits.

NOTE:  **Unfortunately we can only supply to clients of the salon.** This way we have access to your proper formulation.  **Unfortunately we CAN NOT supply kits for highlights or toners. ** Refer to our “toning” collection in our online store for anti-brass shampoos and hair masks. 

Kits come with a hair colouring brush, gloves, developer and colour. 


1. Wear proper clothing that could possibly get stained.

*Suggestion: Wear a button down shirt or something that can easily be taken off afterwards to avoid your coloured head. 

2. Simply put garbage bag/plastic around neck/shoulder area. Put your gloves on. Mix colour pack and developer pack together in a small bowl (or something that might possibly stain.)

3. The colour is for your hairpart, hairline, behind ears and around the nape (neck area. Please use 1/4 inch partings. You can extend 2-3 inches past into your hair.

4. Please be careful NOT to overlap onto previously coloured hair. When applied, you can also brush from your root, 6 inches past to avoid banding. Please leave on for 45 minutes to ensure proper coverage. Shampoo and Condition.

*Suggestion. Rinse under a tap in a sink or bathtub. Make sure sink area is clean after to avoid any staining around the area. 

Please be aware. We are not responsible for sensitivities or items getting stained. Please use at your own risk.

Stay safe and happy colouring pixies!