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Kevin Murphy Repair Me Rinse

Liquid Luxuries


Repair Me Rinse is a regenerating and restorative conditioner rich in proteins and enzymes that helps fortify and strengthen the hair.
It is composed of bromelain and papain, two enzymes extracted from natural fruits that nourish and moisturize the hair, shea butter with moisturizing properties, naturally beneficial for the rehydration of hair and scalp without clogging the cuticles, Aloe Vera leaf extract, rich in essential vitamins and minerals and acai berry, rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins, extract that promotes hair growth and brings a luminous glow.
Without sulfates, without parabens and not tested on animals.


  • A power-packed blend of proteins and enzymes
  • Helps nourish, restore and replenish the hair
  • Helps hair look and feel smoother and stronger
  • Enhances manageability and shine
  • Ideal for all hair types in need of targeted repair
  • Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free




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