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Livingproof Jumbo color care conditioner

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How often should I use Color Care Conditioner?

For the best results, you should use Color Care Shampoo every time you wash your hair after a color service.

Why is Color Care Conditioner not purple?

Color Care Conditioner is not purple because it was specifically formulated to help address universal factors (i.e. color washout, damage, UV, hard water) that cause color fading. The conditioner is not purple because it would be contradictive to the specially formulated whips that contain optimized blue and red dye components designed for specific hair color tones.

How is Color Care Conditioner different from other Living Proof conditioners?

Color Care Conditioner has multiple differences compared to other LP conditioners including:
1. Cationic UV filter for substantive protection
2. Cuticle sealing agent to reduce porosity caused by coloring service
3. Contains our new 4th LP patented technology, Locking Molecule, to help create a hydrophobic layer to reduce color loss
4. Ceramide-like emollient & Amino acid blend to replenish damaged F-layer and smooth the cuticle.
5. Sulfate-free

How is Color Care Conditioner different than other conditioners specifically designed for color-treated hair?

Color Care Conditioner was formulated without silicones which are typically used in color care shampoos. Additionally, it includes other ingredients that provide benefits for color-treated hair including a new cationic UV filter, our new 4th LP patented technology, Locking Molecule, which is our silicone alternative to sealing in color.

What is the fragrance in Color Care Conditioner?

It is the same fragrance used in other Living Proof conditioners, a light scent with citrus-based notes.

Why is a UV filter important in a rinse off product like Color Care Conditioner, what is it doing?

The UV filter in Color Care Conditioner is positively charged so it’s substantive to hair and limits wash-off. The UV filter reduces the creation of free-radicals that can lead to damaging effects on hair and color.

Jumbo size 24OZ