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Zoya Naked Manicue Rescue & Repair for Sucky Nails

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Zoya Naked Manicue Rescue & Repair for Sucky Nails is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Included in the kit is the following: Naked Manicure Rescue Serum in 0.5oz bottle (ZTGCRS01), Naked Manicure Repair Base Coat in 0.5oz bottle (ZTGCRB01), Pink Cosmetic Bag, 3-Way Nail File (ZTGCF3W1), and one Orange-Wood stick.

The first ever micronized nail treatment for strong, healthy-looking nails is made from natural oils, fibers & fillers, and pH conditioners to be rubbed directly into the nails and sealed with a clear nail polish. It mimics the nail's natural sebum to reinforce the strength and flexibility of the nail's keratin fibers, so you can lock in the benefits up until your next manicure change. See and feel the difference in your nails with increased polish wear.

So, if you need a solution for nails that are damaged, breaking, peeling, or need to recover after years of gels or acrylics, consider yourself lucky! The Naked Manicure Rescue Repair will stop your nails from being sucky!

Nails can suck for many reasons. Sometimes it's damage from constant application, scraping and removal of gels or acrylics, or sometimes it's because your environment, activities and climate can destroy the keratin that gives your nails their strength and flexibility.

No matter the reason, we can fix it and instantly improve the appearance and condition of your nails. Best of all, this PATENTED system makes it simple.